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Racism In Canada


A Personal Perspective
by Mani Amar

I was walking back from the park with my older brother, on our way home, we noticed one of our new neighbours had a small black dog. I was very happy. I insisted to my parents that my brother take me back to that house so I can give the dog a cookie. As we reached the neighbour’s house, the dog neared the fence. I gave the small black dog a cookie. The dog was happy. I was happy. A lady opened the door when she saw us.

“Don’t feed my dog you fucking hindus, next time I will call the cops” she yelled across the yard.

My brother grabbed my hand and ran me home. I didn’t know why. I was 3 years old.

It was a beautiful day, after school, I was riding my bike around the block with my brother and cousins. As we decided to call it a day and headed home, we cut through an empty city lot. As we got off our bikes to walk them through the fence, two older boys came in with their bikes.




How Lack of Communication Breeds Gangsterism

an open letter to the South Asian Community & the Community At Large of Metro Vancouver
by Mani Amar


It is not the inability to take action, but instead it is the comfort found in inaction that has truly plagued the South Asian community of Metro Vancouver in regards to youth and gang violence.

A community that has thrived in so many aspects continues to be befallen by lack of communication. This lack of communication extends beyond the boundaries of families. It has taken its toll on how effectively law enforcement can perform their duties and continues to put innocent and non-innocent lives at risk for serious injury or even death.

Since early March, over 30 shootings have occurred in Surrey & North Delta. More than half are suspected to belong to a turf war between two rival gangs. It is prudent to note that these young men are far from being involved in organized crime. This so called gang war is linked to low-level drug trafficking, tit-for-tat brazen shootings, and the desperate showcase of bravado.


KRPI 1550AM Sher-E-Punjab Interview

With the recent influx of gangland activity in Metro Vancouver and specifically Surrey, BC, I’ve decided to once again reach out and bring awareness about the issue.

Thank you to Kiran Aulakh for the great interview and ongoing support.

More to come…



The Unnecessary Outcry


There is no such throne.

in response to ‘Beadbi, “Bride” Sits on Throne with Back to Guru Ji in Glen Cove Gurdwara, NY’
‘Disgusting and utterly shameful act of Bridal photo shoot inside Sikh Gurdwara in US’
by Mani Amar


In a world riddled with atrocities that many of us cannot fathom, there seems to be a huge worldwide outcry on a situation that does not deem such attention;


The majority of the outcry is from the Sikh community at large. The atrocity proclaimed in the above noted blog posts is that a young woman, during a joyous occasion, unbeknownst to her, did something deemed disrespectful to the Sikh faith.

Firstly I write to Sonal Parmar; congratulations to you and your husband on your marriage, I apologize that many members of the Sikh faith and/or members of the Sikh community and diaspora around the world have taken what was nothing more than a mistake as an act of terrorism against Sikhism.

Some of the core tenets of Sikhism are equality, acceptance, love, and forgiveness. These tenets have been all but forgotten by the authors of these posts and the hate-mongering commenters. Instead of approaching the bride and photographer with kindness, they attack them with ridicule and presumptions of ignorance and stupidity. Sikhism, built off the foundations of honour, to stand against tyranny and injustice, was not present in the souls of these authors and so-called patrons of the faith.


Our Children Deserve Better


The Systematic Denial and Violation of Human Rights: The Government of British Columbia’s Vulgar Stance on Public Education

an open letter to the Government of British Columbia & Premier Christy Clark
by Mani Amar


September 2nd, 2014

Dear Premier,

I hope this letter finds you well.

My name is Mani Amar and I write to you today with respect and the intent that the merit of this letter is not lost or dismissed by you or the members of your cabinet. This letter is not intended to incite further discord between us, the people I write for, and you, the government, but to instead evoke a level of intellectual and emotional understanding.

I have been a proud Canadian for as long as I can remember. I was proud of what Canada stood for and how it stood for those who could not stand by themselves. Through my travels, I have asked many people from many walks of life, “If I could give you a chance to live anywhere, where would you choose?” The answer always came back the same, “Canada.”

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