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Sometimes stuff rhymes, most of the time not, I don’t write for anyone or any one thing, I write because I am propelled to write…and most of the time, what I write becomes poetry.


the Decrepit (spoken word narration)

I want this message to be the needle that pricks your skin for the very last time
I want these words to be the puff of smoke that makes you so very high
People don’t seem to understand, that it is not a certain type of man, woman, or child that lines these streets
It is everyone, it is you, it is me.
This is not the bane of a select few, regardless of what you believe.
These are not pariahs.
And the cops are certainly not martyrs.
It is society who has dropped that proverbial ball.
It is society who has failed us above all.
Don’t walk past these people,
As I have seen you walk past with your noses to sky and your fingers pointing down to the tired and tried.


‘I crawled through the dusk’

I crawled through the dusk only to find my hand untouched
Lacking embrace that found a better man
I will never forget that Sun
That shouted our names when we couldn’t see one another
I will never forget that hurt that was washed away
With One’s joyous cries.
I seem unhinged to the ideals of the past
Believing in something in myself
That took many young lives
Now I shout their stories to make things right
People forget such hurt and let it wash away
As they watch these events with desensitized eyes…
I remember the beautiful news
As children had begun to voice their views
And people began to listen…
So Sun is given a chance to rest, as the Moon begins to glow…
And so tomorrow, no more lives are taken
As the reflections in our tears are of happiness.

originally written February 27th, 2011 © Copyright Mani Amar


‘When will I believe in vigilantism?’

When will I believe in vigilantism?
When I know no truth?
Or when the truth is finally known?
When is vigilance no longer enough?
Will I accept in my darkest hour?
Or will I forsake in my brightest moment?
Will water wash away my sins?
Or will blood wash away theirs?
How long can we sit idly by?
And watch the down of man…?
How long can we regret to inform?
Until one day, it is our own children that suffer.
Where is that power…
that power of love I have heard so much about?
Where is it when masses die for the search of morsels…
morsels of food?
This world hurts me, every day.
And some, if not most, would say I am a good man.
But pain against women! And children!
God! I cannot understand!
I am truly trying to be righteous…
But it is the virtue of money!, and not the virtue of benevolence!,
that is driving the world mad!
Humanity is not free, humanity is greed.
And we are dying.
So I ask, I beg, I evoke you to claim your place in this world,
and stand.
Just fucking stand.

originally written July 2nd, 2011 © Copyright Mani Amar


‘In my voice, I hear no disdain’

In my voice, I hear no disdain
I constantly revert, to the ones lost with pain
I don’t want to let you go
I don’t want you to fall away from me
Chastised emotions disregard my character
Leaves and tears come together
become unknown
I fear what the future may bring
But fate is something I have not lost
the tears will glisten, every spring
Nature cries, in her own beautiful way
she does not fight back
she contemplates, wanting to stay
My voice carries, to the ears of who will listen
I listen as well, in turn, as Nature will finish
I touch her grace, and she graces me back
she shelters me from the burning sun,
she provides shade, where shade will lack
she asks for nothing in return
but harmony from us
we connect in this melody
we fall into trust.

originally written September 25th, 2011 © Copyright Mani Amar


The Fall

I’m failing
but it feels like I’m falling.
These stairs that took so long to climb,
feel infinite as they unwind
This faceless trance
that seems to be winning
chooses the days when I have lost my breath
as I circumvent the lost
as I pertain to my death
Though I may have fallen with grace
I always got up with angst
it was me, it was my choices that led me astray
it was the days I began, but failed to respect
the days that were supposed to teach patience
wisdom upon its best.
I feel like I must let go, and let the steps parade on my soul
I must let go…
I cannot find reason in this dark sky
This darkening of fluid night
This discontent day, this mode…this painful avenue if I stay
I must let go and let the world decide
I’m falling
but it feels like I’m failing.

originally written July 8th, 2011 © Copyright Mani Amar

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In self-reflection; I can honestly say all that is good in my life has been a direct result of my artistic expression. Be it through writing poetry, prose, or philosophy, through painting or photography, or through filmmaking, art saved my life and it can save yours.
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