‘Fish Tank’ Review

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Anytime you have Michael Fassbender in a film, chances are that film is going to be good (except for X-Men: First Class…Michael, don’t sell out, keep doing your independent thing!). Rarely does another actor steal the film from him, but that case is true in Fish Tank, where an amazing debut performance by Katie Jarvis, who portrays a troubled teen named ‘Mia’ trying to find her place in an all too typical family situation of neglect.

Her performance was full of subtle emotion, so much so that I believe she has the talent to be a top film actress. Here is hoping she sticks to well written independent flicks. She is easily on my top 10 list of actors/actresses I would love to work with.

Michael Fassbender did a great job as ‘Connor’ in the film. His role took a back seat to a newbie, but I am glad he did, most top actors in his position would only take on starring roles. Another reason why he remains an awesome actor.

Fish Tank is one of those films anyone who has been a teen, can relate to. ‘Coming of age’ stories are a dime a dozen these days, if you can weed through the crap, you can still find gems like this one.

Time to add Katie Jarvis on Twitter, she is worth following.

For hitting the reset button on the age old ‘coming of age’ story, I rate this film 8/10  

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