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One of my oldest and fondest memories from my childhood is going to the local video store with my dad to rent movies. My dad was a big movie buff, back in the 80s & 90s, he had over a 1000 movies on VHS. I guess that is where I got my love of movies from, from him. It was a weekly tradition, he would let me rent as many as I wanted to and the family would spend the weekend watching.

I always wanted to be in the film industry but never thought of being a filmmaker. It was a few years ago when I started sharing my poetry publicly that I noticed that art is a great way to bring awareness. I decided to combine my love of poetry with my love of film and since then, I have never looked back. To me film is a tool to share my poetry, a sort of ‘kinetic poetry’ as to say, ‘poetry in motion’.

Although I am not interested in monetary gain through filmmaking, I am open to collaborating with like-minded individuals driven to using film as a means to share art instead of keeping society numb and stupid. If you are interested in working together, feel free to email me here.

About Me
In self-reflection; I can honestly say all that is good in my life has been a direct result of my artistic expression. Be it through writing poetry, prose, or philosophy, through painting or photography, or through filmmaking, art saved my life and it can save yours.
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