Footsteps Into Gangland

Choices ultimately shape the people we become, even if you were supposed to be something else in life, a simple choice can alter your life beyond imagine. Himit (Jatinder Thandi) has just gotten off the ferry coming from a small town seeking new beginnings in Metro Vancouver. Himit called the one and only person he could, his younger cousin Vicky (Arvind Johal). Vicky and Himit grew up together on Vancouver Island but had lost touch when Vicky and his family moved to the mainland. Vicky, now the underboss of a street-gang, educates and with subtlety, tries to recruit Himit to join him.

Choices can also have profound effects unknowingly on the lives of others. Mya (Mannu Sandhu) has spent most of her life in the foster care system. Shifted from one home to another, Mya now 17, has only to wait until her 18th birthday before she can take control of her own life and escape the abuse she regularly faces from her foster father. For now, Mya uses partying and drugs to escape the torments of her emotions.

Footsteps Into Gangland is director Mani Amar’s film adaptation of true events that have shattered the South Asian community of Vancouver. Footsteps Into Gangland will give the audience and especially parents a true and unbiased look into a single day of the lives of these characters. Gritty, unhindered dialogue accompanied with Amar’s poetic filming style, the film will undoubtedly make you question, “where will your footsteps lead you?”

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