'I feel an innate duty to express myself,
with or without your support
I owe it to my soul
to express myself.' --mani

‘In my voice, I hear no disdain’

In my voice, I hear no disdain
I constantly revert, to the ones lost with pain
I don’t want to let you go
I don’t want you to fall away from me
Chastised emotions disregard my character
Leaves and tears come together
become unknown
I fear what the future may bring
But fate is something I have not lost
the tears will glisten, every spring
Nature cries, in her own beautiful way
she does not fight back
she contemplates, wanting to stay
My voice carries, to the ears of who will listen
I listen as well, in turn, as Nature will finish
I touch her grace, and she graces me back
she shelters me from the burning sun,
she provides shade, where shade will lack
she asks for nothing in return
but harmony from us
we connect in this melody
we fall into trust.

originally written September 25th, 2011 © Copyright Mani Amar


sigur rós – valtari mystery film experiment

sigur rós is by far one of my favourite bands ever, the music these guys come up with and how they perform is simply breathtaking. Their music and visual art is always open to interpretation which is almost the band’s signature. It is as though they provide us with an empty canvas asking to be painted.

The valtari mystery film experiment is just that, a mystery film experiment. They wanted to have a visual representation of what other artists, in this case filmmakers, felt a certain song represented. Ingenius collaboration of artists in my opinion.

Here is what is said about the valtari mystery film experiment on the official sigur rós website;

the valtari mystery film experiment 
sigur rós have given a dozen film makers the same modest budget and asked them to create whatever comes into their head when they listen to songs from the band’s new album valtari. the idea is to bypass the usual artistic approval process and allow people utmost creative freedom. among the filmmakers are ramin bahrani, alma har’el and john cameron mitchell.
“we never meant our music to come with a pre-programmed emotional response. we don’t want to tell anyone how to feel and what to take from it. with the films, we have literally no idea what the directors are going to come back with. none of them know what the others are doing, so hopefully it will be interesting.” – sigur rós, may 2012


The Fall

I’m failing
but it feels like I’m falling.
These stairs that took so long to climb,
feel infinite as they unwind
This faceless trance
that seems to be winning
chooses the days when I have lost my breath
as I circumvent the lost
as I pertain to my death
Though I may have fallen with grace
I always got up with angst
it was me, it was my choices that led me astray
it was the days I began, but failed to respect
the days that were supposed to teach patience
wisdom upon its best.
I feel like I must let go, and let the steps parade on my soul
I must let go…
I cannot find reason in this dark sky
This darkening of fluid night
This discontent day, this mode…this painful avenue if I stay
I must let go and let the world decide
I’m falling
but it feels like I’m failing.

originally written July 8th, 2011 © Copyright Mani Amar



Religion is not the essence of God.
It is the absence.
Religion does not bring us closer to God.
But further from ourselves.
Religion is not admired by the strength of humanity.
But worshipped by the weakest of mankind.
Religion dictates the stoning of women.
As sons watch idle and mothers die.
Religion advises us right creed and caste.
Yet divides man from being equal.
Religion outlines rules.
But morals and ethics elude us.
Religion preaches love and respect.
But war rages, and the impoverished die young.
Religion absolves us from sin.
An excuse to carry on crime.
Religion speaks to us through passages in a book.
We forget we have the ability to write our own.
Religion provide each with an answer.
No need to search by our own ambition.
Religion simplifies complexity.
But it truly fogs our path.
Religion is blind to the reasonings of God.
I am blind to the reasonings of religion.
Religion is not the essence of me.
In its absence, I remain free.

originally written June 22nd, 2011 © Copyright Mani Amar


‘Without woman’

I wrote this on my Facebook wall on December 30th 2012;

The atrocities against the better half of our species has long afflicted me. I have spoken out about violence against women many times over the years, yet the issues get worse, society continuously gets more numb. I pray that one day the world will wake up and see all the damage it has done. Much love to the brave women of India and of the rest of the world who have sacrificed their lives to reveal the injustice that plagues them every day. I will continue in my activism to help bring about true equal rights and safety for all.

About Me
In self-reflection; I can honestly say all that is good in my life has been a direct result of my artistic expression. Be it through writing poetry, prose, or philosophy, through painting or photography, or through filmmaking, art saved my life and it can save yours.
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