Activistic Hypocrisy

I have longed to determine who I am. For I am, in my heart and in my mind, an activist. But if I truly was, then I also would truly be a hypocrite.

For an activist is someone who is fuelled to make social and political change. They by definition use vigorous action to accomplish their goals through protests and campaigns.

Here I stand, upon a crossroads. One direction leads me to abandon my ethics, but morally it remains right. The other direction leads me to abandon my principles, yet it too remains right.

For by definition, if I was an activist, then I would in all my vigour be willing to bring about social and political change. I would in all my wisdom, find logic in my actions, justify them because the future from these actions holds with it the resources to assist my beliefs.

This is not mysticism and I am not delusional, however it may seem… For these actions I know I must partake, I know will also make them hypocritical. Yet the onus is on me. It falls solely on my shoulders as I know that I cannot cower away from ridicule. I cannot cower away from a chance at the attainment of resources that can bring about the positive change that I see in my eyes for this beautiful future of the world.

“Let me tell you, at the risk of seeming ridiculous, that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.” – Che Guevara

And that is I, a man, a simple man, guided by great feelings of love. For the revolutionary is a kinsman of the activist. For these brothers in arms are what we need today.

We live in a society that smothers the breath of the activist. The activists must find new and intuitive ways of bringing about the change they so dearly want. Not selfish change, but change guided by the needs of others. Not change motivated by lust, but change motivated by passion.

How can we, the activists of the world, be activists if we cannot afford to be? Capitalism is so very smart. It knew if the machine integrated with society to such an extent, that activism would surely perish. And so it has, to a degree. The onus of bringing about change has brought about claimants to activism, not activists themselves. For they twiddle their fingers and sit upon a fence.

Where does that leave us? It leaves us with questions about our faith in our activism. It leaves us in a state where we turn inwards, introspectively attacking our core values, just as I did when I set out to write my thoughts, praying that an answer will come forth. My morals, ethics, and principles felt the shackles of capitalism, and capitalism laughed. But where capitalism fails, is where I will succeed, where you will succeed. It fails upon the foundations of greed it itself has built and for that, the shackles were never so tight. Just as a baby elephant is tethered by a fraying rope to a spike in the ground, it grows up believing that it cannot break away free. Even though one of God’s most magnificent creatures could lay to ruins such a feeble restraint if it believed in itself, with but a simple tug of its powerful legs.

If I must be an activist, then I must afford to be an activist. I will join their race to financial success. I will play their game and attain the resources to bring about change. I will even acknowledge that my own moral standards have become questionable. And as I look in the mirror, as the hypocrite now looks in the mirror, it is not a hypocrite’s reflection smiling back, never… It is that activist you know you are, who hides in the shadows and learns the pace of this world. He looks back and understands not the betrayal you represent, but the love, the undying love, the undying benevolence for this world that you have. That is your true self representation. Do not let capitalism win by simply saying you cannot afford to become the activist. For then, you never truly were. With all our might and all our vigour, we must undertake actions that may become our ridicule but my promise to you is that they will never become your demise. We must utilize the machine as a tool to our success, not as an obstruction of our faith.

We cannot let go of our faith for this world. We must remind the sleeping, shackled, and uncaring masses that we are the voice that goes unheard, we are instruments which makes the machine turn. We must wake up the masses from their sleepy decay and become magnificent, for it is on that day, we remember of our own tether and how frayed it has become, we must in one unified movement, break free.

originally written November 21st, 2012 © Copyright Mani Amar
audio background music – ‘Locke’d Out Again’ by Michael Giacchino 

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