‘It has been long argued that men are not created equal’

It has been long argued that men are not created equal. And without a callous notion in my being, I assert this to be true. If to be equal, was the fact that all men have the same intelligence, the same moral values, the same capacity for good, and sometimes for evil, then I would agree that all men are equal. But this notion, above all else, is a fallacy. Men are not equal, nor were they created equal. And now the reader must think of me as a prejudice, unfair, hate-mongering, and racist individual. But I assure you I am not.

To be equal, is to be identical, and to be identical, is the lack of humanity and the lack of human capacity.

I do not wish to be the same in every facet as all of my brethren. I wish to achieve individual thought, and individual status. I am different. I may perhaps have achievements in writing that my counterparts do not, but they in-turn may have achievements in science or theology that I may not. I am unique. They are unique.

But the search for equality is not the same as being created equal. As I have simply and merely stated above, we are not created equal. With that being said, dear reader, I will never, under any circumstance, ever fail to assert that all men should be treated with equality.

Equality is the notion that all men be treated with the same kindness, respect, political and legal policy, and moral aptitude as everyone else. That their skin colour, cultural differences, belief systems, and financial status are only exponents of who they are and where they come from. These exponents are not degrees in which to measure a man, so that they may be treated differently, they are mere reflections of their creation that makes them different,…makes them unique.

So now you ask how if a man, full of hatred, with no moral compass to do good in this world, should be treated equally with a man, who spends his days being benevolent, providing for the less fortunate, and refuses to eat so the impoverished can? It is because society has to be greater in its forgiveness and greater in morality than any single individual. As we live together, in harmony, we transcend our mere individual scopes and provide society the strength of all us one pillars, to uphold the very notions of equality, morality, and humanity, when the individual cannot.

I now take this opportunity to challenge my own beliefs of equality, in hopes of discovering my own truths and even perhaps limitations in my assertions.

All throughout my youth and my adulthood, I have always yielded a strong sense of justice. A strongly defined view of right and wrong. To hurt someone is wrong, to help someone is right… I believe the guilty should be punished, I believe murderers, rapists, and child abusers should feel the same pain if such pain can even be calculated… But what if these men, who hurt others were products of not being created equal? That they sadly were created in the wombs of hate, abuse, and callousness? What if their childhoods were full of pain, neglect, and a lack of love? And that the only reason, though we cannot prove it, they did any wrong and hurtful behaviour and crimes was because their hearts and moral compasses were broken, that their minds were in states of dark grievance? Perhaps they hurt others not for their sick and sycophantic pleasures, but as a cry for help? So then why should these men be treated with society’s forgiveness? How can their crimes yield the same forgiveness as everyday ‘Valjeans’ who steal loaves of bread?

How can I answer these questions that I propose to myself when I know deep down inside that if anyone was to hurt my wife or my children, or for that matter, anyone innocent around me, that I would be so consumed in my rage, and so consumed with my infallible sense of justice, that I would not only determine the pain in which to punish those who brought the hurt to me, but to continuously hurt and torture them until all sense of morality and self worth is so lost and disgusted by my anger that I could not be distinguished from the criminals I now punish.

Could it be that I have now discovered, or better yet, implemented a sense of society that previously baffled me? What if these criminals who do the most heinous of crimes were failed by our imperfect society. And that my punishment and rage towards them is a by-product of society’s failure, so now in-turn I fail society?… Could it be that until we have proponents of humanity who put forth a society that will not fail the individual and individuals strengthened by this society will no longer fail society itself, then we have broken the trend and circular system of hate and crime. It is only then where true equality can exist.

But now I have described a utopian society…and before I go any further, I must state that Thomas More’s vision of Utopia, a place where mercenaries exist and a place where men may punish their wives, is not related to the adjective ‘utopian’ I have utilized. My view of a utopian society would be a place of equality and freedom, a place where the measure of a man, a town, a city, a province, or a country is not by their wealth, but by its beauty in yielding human thought, furthering human intelligence, providing moral goodness, and the lot of positive differences to a world strangled by hate.

I have described a world in which there is no failures of society or the pillars of men, but in today’s world, how do we determine equality of all when all are created unequally?

Do we say that everyone shall be treated equally until they do something outside of what society’s doctrine deems good? But then are we not just substituting society’s doctrine as a means to treat people unequally instead of their skin colour or any other physical or cultural attribute?

It is because we are not created equal that we should be treated with equality. It is because society has to be of a higher order of humanity in order for us to break the bounds of hate and crime. We must challenge society with such an opportunity if we are to one day break the cycles of pain.

So where does the determination of what is an infallible doctrine come from? The doctrine which we can utilize in justice and equality? We must first eliminate the measures that create inequality. It is now with boldness that I say that I know what these measures are. That I have known what these measures are for most of my life and they are so clear to me that it is difficult for me to grasp how many of my brothers and sisters cannot see them. Dear reader, I believe you to know the answer, but you have been unwilling to accept it. So let me now try once more to gain your friendship in making this world a better place. Help me eliminate the measures of money and religion.

No two things have caused more pain, destruction, and neglect of humanity than money and religion. What war was not started due to greed or due to religious disagreement? I dare you to find me an example.

Every prospect of war even today is due to one of these measures. American search for nuclear weapons, was a search for oil…for greed. Middle Eastern wars and battles are claims to whose side God is really on. I have spoken God, and believe me when I say they are not on any side. They actually look away in hurt when they see us, man who was created in God’s image, destroy ourselves for pieces of paper that we value, for liquid that makes machines work, and words that supposedly claim God’s true intent.

If we valued ourselves more than invisible numbers…that if we valued ourselves by believing in one another instead of an ancient man-created book…that if we cared to help one another instead of challenging one another…how could equality not exist? Without the measures that chip away and break the pillars of our uphold, how can anything but equality exist? We would be free to help our fallen brethren, we would be free to no longer fail them. When the individual sees that society is the womb that spreads the love to all equally, how can the individual fail?

How can anything but equality exist when love is remembered? It is the forgetting of love that propels the gears of hate and crime, not the forgiveness of hate and crime…

Yes, man is not created equal. Yes, society is flawed. Yes, men should be treated with equality. Yes, society will prevail.

originally written December 31st, 2011 © Copyright Mani Amar

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