‘So now you have learned of me’

So now you have learned of me that I am someone who has criticized [your] religion. But where you aim to say that I criticize, I simply say that I question.

For me, the institutions of religion are a falsehood that has kept man at its knees, forcefully, and unbeknownst to us. Keeping us there and refusing to let us stand.

It is apparent that I am not religious, furthermore, pro non-religion. But do not regard the absence of religion in my life for an absence of faith. For I carry faith more than most and that faith holds a precedence so high in my life that without it I would not be here writing to you today. My faith in humanity for instance, to work towards removing the blindfolds of religion from every pair of eyes in our world is a quixotic quest of faith.

It does not make any logical sense where one must follow a doctrine written by corrupted men for corrupted ideals of power and wealth. For every religion has an element of business attached to it, and every religion works as a corporation with some sort of corporate structure. For I will not follow these blind men who lead us over a cliff and I refuse to simply run in any other direction. I choose to hold my ground and grasp the hands of the falling, for those who have already fallen, we may create a bridge of hands, and all those once blind will climb to the peak from which they fell and overturn their religion for faiths that regard human life as worth and not worthless.

It is not so much the prophets, the symbols, or the effigies that force me to disregard religions, but more so the doctrine that they impose upon man to follow, and if that man does not follow, he in a degree less is less of a religious man. For that I follow no doctrine, but instead allow my morals, ethics, and principles to dictate my life. So now you rebuttal with your shallow, naive, and cold understanding of my faith, you state that without a doctrine, you cannot have a religion, or even a faith. That without doctrine, faith cannot exist because what is there to believe in. Now knowing that you wear a blindfold, I assert that nothing impedes your hearing. My whispers now will echo in the caverns of your empty soul. For those that follow a doctrine that is written by man, I may too follow a doctrine, though it exists without material. For your doctrine is written by man, my doctrine is written by my soul.

It is so this doctrine that makes me I. And it will be the doctrine of your soul, that makes you, you. By simply following your soul, humanity is incapable of being corrupted. For those who are free of religion but commit crimes and violence, you may argue, are not those who follow their soul, but follow a corrupt idealism that sprouted from the vast corruption of this world. It is with these precepts that my life has lead me to this point where you assert blindness, but I assert infinite clarity.

We cannot hold those guilty of crimes and violence to be absent of religion or even faith. For they are not absent of either but sincerely and wholeheartedly confused of their belief system, whatever that may be. Do not mistake a religion for a path that leads us to right, for it has been nothing but religious men who have hurt the world the most. It is the religious of us that cause pain and then hide behind their glass symbols and tarnished souls. The ones free of religion may or may not have faith. The ones guilty may or may not have faith, but are surely confused of their morals, ethics, and principles.

For it is innate in us, programmed simply in us, that all humanity at its core is not animalistic or savage, but welcoming and kind. That we are all born and hard-coded with our genes to be creatures of love and understanding. It is society with its false goals and corrupted idealism that tries to reprogram what is intrinsic in all man.

Religion simply binds us to the descent of society. If we are to survive and retain our humanity…remember our humanity, then we must break the bounds of thought and remember our innate faiths. We are creatures with identity of self and consciousness connected with all. If God made man in their own image, then that commandment should be the only ideal we need to remind us that God was infinite with their love, then man would be too. But love in humanity is not in its infinity, but its infancy. As with each passing minute, man seems to forget another way to show love. What will we do when we are all confused criminals? What will we do when we are all blinded by religion? Do you think the descent of society will slow down, or will increase the speed of our plummet? It is with the lack of love, all aspects of love, the soil becomes fertile for the sowing of hate. And if we simply reap what we sow…then it is apparent, without love, humanity cannot exist.

originally written March 9th, 2012 © Copyright Mani Amar

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In self-reflection; I can honestly say all that is good in my life has been a direct result of my artistic expression. Be it through writing poetry, prose, or philosophy, through painting or photography, or through filmmaking, art saved my life and it can save yours.
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