the Decrepit (spoken word narration)

I want this message to be the needle that pricks your skin for the very last time
I want these words to be the puff of smoke that makes you so very high
People don’t seem to understand, that it is not a certain type of man, woman, or child that lines these streets
It is everyone, it is you, it is me.
This is not the bane of a select few, regardless of what you believe.
These are not pariahs.
And the cops are certainly not martyrs.
It is society who has dropped that proverbial ball.
It is society who has failed us above all.
Don’t walk past these people,
As I have seen you walk past with your noses to sky and your fingers pointing down to the tired and tried.
These are our brothers, our sisters, and our children.
Don’t you see that we are all connected, and if they suffer, we feel it?
Ignore you may try, but blindness is to simply deny.
We do not know how these people got here, or why they stay.
But to assume? Who the fuck are we to assume the pain they might have felt in their lives?
Yes, some might have chosen a life of crime, yes, some might have chosen to try drugs,
Yes, some might have the means to get clean, and yes some might just be in pain,
But to turn our backs on those who need our help the most? The ones that are so sure they don’t need help.
Fuck the religion you think you believe, I dare you to believe in humanity.
I am not here to lecture, and I am not here to scare you straight,
But I am here to do something, however little it might be in the grand scheme
It is still something.
And a whole lot of somethings, slowly but surely becomes everything that needs to be done
We need to pick up the fallen, not step over them, or step on them.
We do not need to alienate, we need to educate.
We need our tax dollars going to the right places, such as our deprived schools.
We need to stop the circle of blame.
It is easy to say, that the police are not doing enough
But these soldiers in blue are our last line of defence, not our first.
They step up, when society and its people fail.
They do their job, they protect us. And some of you point your fingers at them?
Call them pigs because they want you to drive slower? To drive sober?
Fuck, think a lot of us have our priorities completely wrong.
Point the finger at yourself.
Crack rocks litter these streets like grains of sand on a beach
And we turn our heads
Needles that carry disease, are not feared down here, they are shared.
I don’t understand all the ingredients that make this issue
But to deny that there is an issue, I pray that you are not that ignorant.
It is time to stop ignoring, the pain down here are not fallacies, they are truths.
My religion is Benevolence, and my God is Love.
And I don’t want you to make a shallow choice, to fit in, and try something that you will regret.
Once, twice, it does not matter how many times. You are paying the depriver with the means to deprive.
You are paying the dealer to poison another generation.
You want to get high? You want to smoke a joint?
Fine, but fight for its legalization, don’t buy it off the streets and take a chance with your life.
Go into law, go into politics, and go into philosophy.
Go into medicine, go into education, and go into criminology.
Just don’t go into the dark, and make your life next to a dumpster.
You want the world a certain way? Then fight for it.
And avoid the hook.

originally written July 25th, 2011 © Copyright Mani Amar

check out the Decrepit film page here; http://maniamar.com/the-decrepit/

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In self-reflection; I can honestly say all that is good in my life has been a direct result of my artistic expression. Be it through writing poetry, prose, or philosophy, through painting or photography, or through filmmaking, art saved my life and it can save yours.
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