International Women’s Day

Speech for International Women’s Day
by Mani Amar

Written March 7th, 2009
Presented March 8th, 2009

To all guests of event at Simon Fraser University (Surrey) Campus

Dear Sisters,

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year around the world, it is a day that connects women together, a day to celebrate your beauty.

However, I am here to advise you that you shouldn’t be celebrated only once a year. But every day.

I am here to advise you that many sisters around the world do not feel celebrated.
In the western world we celebrate Equal Rights. In fact, we, the western world tell the rest of the world that if you come to our lands, you will be free, in the most complete sense.

I do not see this so called freedom. What I see is oppression. Society has been brainwashed to celebrate women as objects of desire instead of objects of respect.
When you, my beautiful sisters, are told you can only be beautiful by looking a certain way, then there remain the foundations of oppression.

When you, my beautiful sisters, are convinced, by choice or by angst, that you are second class citizens, there remain the pillars of oppression.

When you, my beautiful sisters, are bruised and battered at home, but feel ashamed to seek help, there remains the institutionalization of oppression.


How can we progress as a society when half of society is not free?

How can we have evolution of humanity when humanity is not free?

The fight for freedom starts in every sister’s home.

The revolution starts at home!

Revolution equates evolution! Because it is apparent that without revolution, we as a society cannot have evolution.

So I ask every beautiful sister to rise and unite and fight to make the better half of this world free,

When you are battered and bruised, just remember, I stand before you and I am not the only one,

Cause without woman, man is just an animal

So my sisters, I leave you with a humble reminder,

One drop of water can become the ocean, and the force of an ocean cannot be stopped.

Change starts now, change starts here.

Thank you.

originally written March 7th, 2009 © Copyright Mani Amar

International Women’s Day = One day a year dedicated to celebrating and respecting females. Don’t know about you guys, but every day is International Women’s Day for me.
–Mani Amar, March 8th, 2012

originally written March 8th, 2012 © Copyright Mani Amar

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