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‘Terri’ Review

'Terri' on IMDb

The premise of this film has been done to death. You know the one, where there is the ‘fat kid’, ‘unpopular kid’, ‘outcast kid’, or ‘weird kid’ who has to come to terms with ‘who they are’, blah blah blah. Anyways, even though the premise is old and stale, the way this film was written and directed, and even acted by a relatively young cast, made it fresh and worth the watch.

It is worth it to say that John C. Reilly is an amazing actor, even the stupid comedy films he does makes them half decent to watch. But it is in the independent films he truly shines, such as The Good Girl. He did well in this film as well, he ultimately kept it from imploding for the viewer.

The title character was portrayed realistically by the relatively unknown Jacob Wysocki. I think this kid will do well if he picks his roles intelligently. If he doesn’t, he will be one of the many talented young actors to get lost in the shuffle and the machine that is Hollywood.

I am a huge Rescue Me fan and seeing little Katy Gavin (her real name being Olivia Crocicchia) take on a lead role was cool. There were times when I think she dropped the proverbial ball in scenes when trading lines with Jacob Wysocki, but nothing too major.

Half way through the film, things got a little creepy, within a span of 5 minutes, you were bombarded by teen alcohol use, teen drug use, underage sex, motivation to date rape, and public urination (don’t ask, just watch…). But if you can get past it, you can see why the director took a chance on a scene like that.

For the pleasant surprise, for the cute comedic-drama, and the freshness of an old idea, I rate this film (generously) 6/10  

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