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‘I crawled through the dusk’

I crawled through the dusk only to find my hand untouched
Lacking embrace that found a better man
I will never forget that Sun
That shouted our names when we couldn’t see one another
I will never forget that hurt that was washed away
With One’s joyous cries.
I seem unhinged to the ideals of the past
Believing in something in myself
That took many young lives
Now I shout their stories to make things right
People forget such hurt and let it wash away
As they watch these events with desensitized eyes…
I remember the beautiful news
As children had begun to voice their views
And people began to listen…
So Sun is given a chance to rest, as the Moon begins to glow…
And so tomorrow, no more lives are taken
As the reflections in our tears are of happiness.

originally written February 27th, 2011 © Copyright Mani Amar


Children at play

As a young man, sat he on a grassy field a day
Sat and watched, all the children at play
All the while he watched, never one word he chose to say
Family that found him, so late in life
The family one had chose to be his wife
He chose the life of discord to calculate a subtle being
All the while he watched, never had eyes of seeing
The blood, thinned by water, burned by heat, blood like a river to dry
Confused, on why he wrote, the words that he had to say
The children grew up, in front of his eyes,
All the while he watched, from a distance, to this day
He had so much love, oddity in how it was to be shown
Not one counter, that he could have let himself to be known
Criticizes himself, in the mirror that lies to him daily
Yet he looks, till a fault is found
Yet he cries, from alone as the sound
Now old and bitter, tasteless to the world that gave him his birth
All the while he watched, as the children looked to him and frowned
As a young man, sat he on a grassy field a day
Sat and watched, all his children at play
All the while he watched, love was his only thing to say.

© Copyright Mani Amar

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In self-reflection; I can honestly say all that is good in my life has been a direct result of my artistic expression. Be it through writing poetry, prose, or philosophy, through painting or photography, or through filmmaking, art saved my life and it can save yours.
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