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‘Fish Tank’ Review

'Fish Tank' on IMDb

Anytime you have Michael Fassbender in a film, chances are that film is going to be good (except for X-Men: First Class…Michael, don’t sell out, keep doing your independent thing!). Rarely does another actor steal the film from him, but that case is true in Fish Tank, where an amazing debut performance by Katie Jarvis, who portrays a troubled teen named ‘Mia’ trying to find her place in an all too typical family situation of neglect.

Her performance was full of subtle emotion, so much so that I believe she has the talent to be a top film actress. Here is hoping she sticks to well written independent flicks. She is easily on my top 10 list of actors/actresses I would love to work with.

Michael Fassbender did a great job as ‘Connor’ in the film. His role took a back seat to a newbie, but I am glad he did, most top actors in his position would only take on starring roles. Another reason why he remains an awesome actor.

Fish Tank is one of those films anyone who has been a teen, can relate to. ‘Coming of age’ stories are a dime a dozen these days, if you can weed through the crap, you can still find gems like this one.

Time to add Katie Jarvis on Twitter, she is worth following.

For hitting the reset button on the age old ‘coming of age’ story, I rate this film 8/10  


‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Review

'Safety Not Guaranteed' on IMDb

It would be hard to shun a film that was produced by the same producers as Little Miss Sunshine, like c’mon, that movie was awesome! This one had to be good at the very least!

It was more than that, that is for sure. The sensational chemistry between Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass definitely made the film for me. It had a good group of young actors who can hold their own in supporting roles, I expect to see much from them in the future.

Aubrey Plaza has this quiet cynicism about her, well at least her acting style and the characters she portrays does/do. Her sarcastic humour is definitely an advantage, it was first seen on a big stage in Funny People across comedy legend Adam Sandler and funny man Seth Rogen.

The story line was so sweet and romantic that you actually felt that Mark Duplass‘ character could time travel (trust me, that isn’t a spoiler!). You watch the film and tell me.

Definitely worth the watch!

An engaging comedy-romance-drama with a bit of science fiction, a great film to watch on a quiet night alone with a big bowl of pop corn. I rate this film just about 7/10, so it is more like 7+/10 :)  


‘Terri’ Review

'Terri' on IMDb

The premise of this film has been done to death. You know the one, where there is the ‘fat kid’, ‘unpopular kid’, ‘outcast kid’, or ‘weird kid’ who has to come to terms with ‘who they are’, blah blah blah. Anyways, even though the premise is old and stale, the way this film was written and directed, and even acted by a relatively young cast, made it fresh and worth the watch.

It is worth it to say that John C. Reilly is an amazing actor, even the stupid comedy films he does makes them half decent to watch. But it is in the independent films he truly shines, such as The Good Girl. He did well in this film as well, he ultimately kept it from imploding for the viewer.

The title character was portrayed realistically by the relatively unknown Jacob Wysocki. I think this kid will do well if he picks his roles intelligently. If he doesn’t, he will be one of the many talented young actors to get lost in the shuffle and the machine that is Hollywood.

I am a huge Rescue Me fan and seeing little Katy Gavin (her real name being Olivia Crocicchia) take on a lead role was cool. There were times when I think she dropped the proverbial ball in scenes when trading lines with Jacob Wysocki, but nothing too major.

Half way through the film, things got a little creepy, within a span of 5 minutes, you were bombarded by teen alcohol use, teen drug use, underage sex, motivation to date rape, and public urination (don’t ask, just watch…). But if you can get past it, you can see why the director took a chance on a scene like that.

For the pleasant surprise, for the cute comedic-drama, and the freshness of an old idea, I rate this film (generously) 6/10  


‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ Review

'Martha Marcy May Marlene' on IMDb

My unexpected watch of 2012 for sure. Took a chance on this film and so glad I did. John Hawkes is easily one of the best actors on the planet and he proved it once again with his subtle portrayal of a cult leader, his charisma was hard to deny even with such a dark character. He is just one of those actors that can bring you into a film and tell you to ‘sit down cause you ain’t leaving until this film is done.

If you are unaware of John Hawkes, I highly recommend you watching his roles in Winter’s Bone and Contagion. Yah, small roles but he makes them big.

Even though I tuned in because of John Hawkes, it was Elizabeth Olsen that made this film a great film. What a coming out party for the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. She proved in the first 20 minutes of this film that she was born with the acting chops in the family, she clearly has more acting capability than both her twin sisters combined. I know you probably don’t want to take a chance on this film because the lead actress is related to Michelle from Full House, but trust me, even before the urge of singing a song about peanut butter sets in, you will kick yourself in the ass not taking a chance on this film.

Sarah Paulson and Hugh Dancy were the main supporting cast members. I felt their portrayals lacked the emotion needed to make this film better, for this reason, my rating of this film is a bit lower.

For a portrayal of cult life from the inside out and for putting my faith into young actors doing nudity for ‘art’ and not to ‘get ahead’ once again, I rate this film 8/10


‘Curious George’ Review

'Curious George' on IMDb

You are never too young to know what love and friendship is. A couple of hours ago I was watching this animated movie with a very special 2.5 year old. As George was being taken away from ‘Man in the Yellow Hat’, this toddler started wincing, his eyes starting welling up. I started watching him instead of the movie, only to learn all too well that he knew that George was being taken against his will from someone he loved. As I held him and began to comfort him, my faith and belief that love and friendship are universal emotions, innate in all of us, no matter what creed, faith, or age, was more than restored, it was enlightened. As George was reunited with the ‘Man in the Yellow Hat’, the smile returned to his face and my heart melted.

If you are ever in need of having your faith in humanity restored, have a movie night with a toddler, they are much wiser than us.

For giving me a night I will never forget, for showing the beauty of love and friendship, and for having the ability to make a child enlighten an adult, I rate this film 10/10

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