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A Reckless Proposal & Profiteering For Criminals

A Reckless Proposal & Profiteering For Criminals
by Mani Amar

Written April 11th, 2011
Released April 13th, 2011

Protest to Vancouver City Council against PavCo’s casino building attempt.
In part with VancouverNotVegas.ca 

The amount of gang activity that occurs in Vancouver, our small but beautiful major city, rivals massive metropolitan areas across North America. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, & Chicago are well known throughout the world for gang activity, but another city has taken precedence on this list. Our city.

Vancouver generates billions of tax free dollars through its marijuana trade industry every year. Vancouver is geographically destined to be a major drug distribution hub. But instead of using resources to tackle such a drug issue, we are providing criminals with another reason to operate. Gambling.


‘I have tasked myself’

I have tasked myself
With undetermined amounts of pain
I smile at the beholder
I look for no gains.
One transitions, like a tree’s slow death in the fall
and rebirth in the spring
To all those walking alone,
The birds they continue to sing
They soar in sun’s light
Not to consider, all the while they cry
Letting their beautiful songs
Fall on the dead of man
Who waits to be reborn, but this winter remains long
and it took too much of his soul to continue to smile
The birds they continue to sing, all the while.

© Copyright Mani Amar


Transience (Part 3)

and now the sorrow has set in
the once grieving saint from within
no longer deems this life a victory
instead deciphers his sins
and the tortured soul of past, passes
alone to linger, alone in class
and time was never their friend
it came too late, it left too late…
in the end
and took from them redemption and remorse
let us die alone…
off course…
And God moved forth
With their revel,
Never to neglect the mistakes
Of how one fell.

© Copyright Mani Amar


Transience (Part 2)

I do not fear the dark days ahead
Nor the arduous journey from my past
I count the countless souls of unrest
I am once removed from the dead
My so-called triumphs
dwarfed by unforgiving blight
I am trapped by the flowers of duty
I am haunted by shadowless nights
And so my clash of morals wait
Linger upon my soul every tomorrow
I cannot deliver myself my freedom
I am the unremembered saint of sorrow.

© Copyright Mani Amar


Transience (Part 1)

I have seen these worst days…
rain down on me
They encompass all the hardships
that encompass me
My fortified soul
and my brave demeanour
Take the toll
of heartless raging drums
For like the nightwalkers that walk
from the light
I do not succumb
And so this transient soul
no longer carries the light
For the dark days come henceforth
fortified by the night.

© Copyright Mani Amar

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In self-reflection; I can honestly say all that is good in my life has been a direct result of my artistic expression. Be it through writing poetry, prose, or philosophy, through painting or photography, or through filmmaking, art saved my life and it can save yours.
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