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Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights of the House of Commons

Statement on Organized Crime
by Mani Amar

Presented April 30th, 2009

To the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights
of the House of Commons (Vancouver)

Dear Committee and guests,

My name is Mani Amar, I am an independent filmmaker, writer, and activist based out of Vancouver, BC.

I have been invited here today to share my views on the state of Organized Crime and offer suggestions in order that the Committee may make recommendations in a report to the House of Commons.

I believe that my invitation was based on the film I have recently released, ‘A Warrior’s Religion.’ It is a documentary film which was my attempt to discover the root precursors on why so many South Asians were heavily involved in organized crime in Metro Vancouver during the last 19 years.

I hope that my experiences garnered in the production of this film, along with my ongoing research on this issue can help provide insight, in turn shedding some light on this dark situation.


International Women’s Day

Speech for International Women’s Day
by Mani Amar

Written March 7th, 2009
Presented March 8th, 2009

To all guests of event at Simon Fraser University (Surrey) Campus

Dear Sisters,

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year around the world, it is a day that connects women together, a day to celebrate your beauty.

However, I am here to advise you that you shouldn’t be celebrated only once a year. But every day.

I am here to advise you that many sisters around the world do not feel celebrated.
In the western world we celebrate Equal Rights. In fact, we, the western world tell the rest of the world that if you come to our lands, you will be free, in the most complete sense.


‘Fear not the dark days’

Fear not the dark days as they advance, for they shall perish from our world by the Sun’s warm glow and embrace.

© Copyright Mani Amar


Have you ever had a ‘glimpse’?

Not sure what else to call it except a ‘glimpse’… You know, you are driving or watching t.v. or washing the dishes and all of a sudden you realize you are in a day dream and you can choose to keep dreaming. The things you see, usually of a future setting are profound to your life in some manner.

I was driving earlier today, from one errand to another, and I was struck by such a ‘glimpse’…what a feeling. If I was a snake who shed his skin for the very first time, that very moment when the new day’s sunlight touches my newly earthed scales, that is what it felt like during this ‘glimpse’. How else can I describe it? If I was Superman nearly defeated, only to soak the Sun’s light one more time, that feeling of knowing that you are Superman and capable of anything if you try, that was my feeling today.

Though I am not ready to share what future in my life I saw, but now more than ever, this innate feeling of helping others, will be made true. I have strived in my life to attain my dreams, even before this ‘glimpse’, it felt like this is what I was meant to do; help others. I do not want to succumb to any other dream, I only have one.


‘My incapabilities of happiness’

My incapabilities of happiness which ring true in my artwork are not insights into my life’s experiences or the weight my soul carries. They are instead depictions of the realities I see almost every day in a world of hurt. People tend not to see such realities, and the misery that lies near or under their feet. Instead they walk in a gloomy existence of materialism and happiness set forth from such a capitalistic outlook and they in-turn fail to realize that the world is sad, so very sad. And for us, the human beings, a race of slaves, to walk along side one another, and not use one another for rungs on a ladder, then and only then can we truly have a world free of sadness, a world of happiness so large that everyone experiences their fill. Then and only then would my incapabilities of producing joyful art instead of depictions of misery, which are at this very moment reality, be cured. And so then I ask everyone who may befallen by the traps of today’s society, to look beyond what you know to be true, and question it. For tomorrow’s happiness is based on the actions of today, and the reactions to today’s miseries.

originally written May 7th, 2012 © Copyright Mani Amar

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In self-reflection; I can honestly say all that is good in my life has been a direct result of my artistic expression. Be it through writing poetry, prose, or philosophy, through painting or photography, or through filmmaking, art saved my life and it can save yours.
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