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‘It has been long argued that men are not created equal’

It has been long argued that men are not created equal. And without a callous notion in my being, I assert this to be true. If to be equal, was the fact that all men have the same intelligence, the same moral values, the same capacity for good, and sometimes for evil, then I would agree that all men are equal. But this notion, above all else, is a fallacy. Men are not equal, nor were they created equal. And now the reader must think of me as a prejudice, unfair, hate-mongering, and racist individual. But I assure you I am not.

To be equal, is to be identical, and to be identical, is the lack of humanity and the lack of human capacity.



Religion is not the essence of God.
It is the absence.
Religion does not bring us closer to God.
But further from ourselves.
Religion is not admired by the strength of humanity.
But worshipped by the weakest of mankind.
Religion dictates the stoning of women.
As sons watch idle and mothers die.
Religion advises us right creed and caste.
Yet divides man from being equal.
Religion outlines rules.
But morals and ethics elude us.
Religion preaches love and respect.
But war rages, and the impoverished die young.
Religion absolves us from sin.
An excuse to carry on crime.
Religion speaks to us through passages in a book.
We forget we have the ability to write our own.
Religion provide each with an answer.
No need to search by our own ambition.
Religion simplifies complexity.
But it truly fogs our path.
Religion is blind to the reasonings of God.
I am blind to the reasonings of religion.
Religion is not the essence of me.
In its absence, I remain free.

originally written June 22nd, 2011 © Copyright Mani Amar


‘So now you have learned of me’

So now you have learned of me that I am someone who has criticized [your] religion. But where you aim to say that I criticize, I simply say that I question.

For me, the institutions of religion are a falsehood that has kept man at its knees, forcefully, and unbeknownst to us. Keeping us there and refusing to let us stand.

It is apparent that I am not religious, furthermore, pro non-religion. But do not regard the absence of religion in my life for an absence of faith. For I carry faith more than most and that faith holds a precedence so high in my life that without it I would not be here writing to you today. My faith in humanity for instance, to work towards removing the blindfolds of religion from every pair of eyes in our world is a quixotic quest of faith.


‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ Review

'Martha Marcy May Marlene' on IMDb

My unexpected watch of 2012 for sure. Took a chance on this film and so glad I did. John Hawkes is easily one of the best actors on the planet and he proved it once again with his subtle portrayal of a cult leader, his charisma was hard to deny even with such a dark character. He is just one of those actors that can bring you into a film and tell you to ‘sit down cause you ain’t leaving until this film is done.

If you are unaware of John Hawkes, I highly recommend you watching his roles in Winter’s Bone and Contagion. Yah, small roles but he makes them big.

Even though I tuned in because of John Hawkes, it was Elizabeth Olsen that made this film a great film. What a coming out party for the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. She proved in the first 20 minutes of this film that she was born with the acting chops in the family, she clearly has more acting capability than both her twin sisters combined. I know you probably don’t want to take a chance on this film because the lead actress is related to Michelle from Full House, but trust me, even before the urge of singing a song about peanut butter sets in, you will kick yourself in the ass not taking a chance on this film.

Sarah Paulson and Hugh Dancy were the main supporting cast members. I felt their portrayals lacked the emotion needed to make this film better, for this reason, my rating of this film is a bit lower.

For a portrayal of cult life from the inside out and for putting my faith into young actors doing nudity for ‘art’ and not to ‘get ahead’ once again, I rate this film 8/10

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