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Racism In Canada


A Personal Perspective
by Mani Amar

I was walking back from the park with my older brother, on our way home, we noticed one of our new neighbours had a small black dog. I was very happy. I insisted to my parents that my brother take me back to that house so I can give the dog a cookie. As we reached the neighbour’s house, the dog neared the fence. I gave the small black dog a cookie. The dog was happy. I was happy. A lady opened the door when she saw us.

“Don’t feed my dog you fucking hindus, next time I will call the cops” she yelled across the yard.

My brother grabbed my hand and ran me home. I didn’t know why. I was 3 years old.

It was a beautiful day, after school, I was riding my bike around the block with my brother and cousins. As we decided to call it a day and headed home, we cut through an empty city lot. As we got off our bikes to walk them through the fence, two older boys came in with their bikes.




How Lack of Communication Breeds Gangsterism

an open letter to the South Asian Community & the Community At Large of Metro Vancouver
by Mani Amar


It is not the inability to take action, but instead it is the comfort found in inaction that has truly plagued the South Asian community of Metro Vancouver in regards to youth and gang violence.

A community that has thrived in so many aspects continues to be befallen by lack of communication. This lack of communication extends beyond the boundaries of families. It has taken its toll on how effectively law enforcement can perform their duties and continues to put innocent and non-innocent lives at risk for serious injury or even death.

Since early March, over 30 shootings have occurred in Surrey & North Delta. More than half are suspected to belong to a turf war between two rival gangs. It is prudent to note that these young men are far from being involved in organized crime. This so called gang war is linked to low-level drug trafficking, tit-for-tat brazen shootings, and the desperate showcase of bravado.


‘Sleepy and sombre he sits’

Sleepy and sombre he sits
All dressed in black

Awaiting to pay the toll
He must undoubtedly pay

“No friends in this business”
He utters such a conclusion to himself

Kisses the bullet he surely believes will contend

Deserves this opportunity
So he thinks…
No one does…

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