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‘I have felt the depths of your resolve’

I have felt the depths of your resolve. How shallow they are in my hands. How feeble your attempts to adjoin nonsense. Those non-whimsical attempts of control your media besmears, how they dispel the rumours of your soul and crown them fact. For if I was never a good man, a decent person, or a kind soul, then where do you rank? You took lives. You shattered families. And all the while you thought you were in the right. You were only confused of the meaning of wrong. And a brother in arms, is a brother in all. But you are no brother of mine. Yet I extend my hand in grief of the souls you freed of their vessels, I extend my hand in the pity I sense of you.


‘So now you have learned of me’

So now you have learned of me that I am someone who has criticized [your] religion. But where you aim to say that I criticize, I simply say that I question.

For me, the institutions of religion are a falsehood that has kept man at its knees, forcefully, and unbeknownst to us. Keeping us there and refusing to let us stand.

It is apparent that I am not religious, furthermore, pro non-religion. But do not regard the absence of religion in my life for an absence of faith. For I carry faith more than most and that faith holds a precedence so high in my life that without it I would not be here writing to you today. My faith in humanity for instance, to work towards removing the blindfolds of religion from every pair of eyes in our world is a quixotic quest of faith.


‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Review

'Safety Not Guaranteed' on IMDb

It would be hard to shun a film that was produced by the same producers as Little Miss Sunshine, like c’mon, that movie was awesome! This one had to be good at the very least!

It was more than that, that is for sure. The sensational chemistry between Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass definitely made the film for me. It had a good group of young actors who can hold their own in supporting roles, I expect to see much from them in the future.

Aubrey Plaza has this quiet cynicism about her, well at least her acting style and the characters she portrays does/do. Her sarcastic humour is definitely an advantage, it was first seen on a big stage in Funny People across comedy legend Adam Sandler and funny man Seth Rogen.

The story line was so sweet and romantic that you actually felt that Mark Duplass‘ character could time travel (trust me, that isn’t a spoiler!). You watch the film and tell me.

Definitely worth the watch!

An engaging comedy-romance-drama with a bit of science fiction, a great film to watch on a quiet night alone with a big bowl of pop corn. I rate this film just about 7/10, so it is more like 7+/10 :)  


A Reckless Proposal & Profiteering For Criminals

A Reckless Proposal & Profiteering For Criminals
by Mani Amar

Written April 11th, 2011
Released April 13th, 2011

Protest to Vancouver City Council against PavCo’s casino building attempt.
In part with 

The amount of gang activity that occurs in Vancouver, our small but beautiful major city, rivals massive metropolitan areas across North America. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, & Chicago are well known throughout the world for gang activity, but another city has taken precedence on this list. Our city.

Vancouver generates billions of tax free dollars through its marijuana trade industry every year. Vancouver is geographically destined to be a major drug distribution hub. But instead of using resources to tackle such a drug issue, we are providing criminals with another reason to operate. Gambling.


‘I have tasked myself’

I have tasked myself
With undetermined amounts of pain
I smile at the beholder
I look for no gains.
One transitions, like a tree’s slow death in the fall
and rebirth in the spring
To all those walking alone,
The birds they continue to sing
They soar in sun’s light
Not to consider, all the while they cry
Letting their beautiful songs
Fall on the dead of man
Who waits to be reborn, but this winter remains long
and it took too much of his soul to continue to smile
The birds they continue to sing, all the while.

© Copyright Mani Amar

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