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The Leisure Society – ‘We Were Wasted’

I don’t know why, but when I hear this song, I find myself in awe. This is the song I’d want played at my funeral.

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And I
Will close my eagle eyes
Hang up my skin to dry

We were wasted son
We were wasted all
On the ride
From the nightclub
To our drive
All the way we sank

And from
The flat above the square
We watch our comrades bare
Their teeth, their souls, their flesh

We were wasted son
We were wasted all
On the ride
From the nightclub
To our drive
All the way we sang

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‘Tyrannosaur’ Review

I watched this film a couple of nights ago, it took a mere 2 minutes and I was unconsciously absorbed into the film, so much so that I found it difficult to convince myself to take a bathroom break.

This film was painfully moving, it was haunting, and in all the darkness you could not help but feel the love and beauty that oozed from Peter Mullan & Olivia Colman. Their stark contrasting characters set the foundation for the film, but as their friendship evolved, it was evident that they were certain reflections of each other.

If you watch this film, I bet it will be hard for you to say that you were not moved. It affected me in a humanizing way. You will never look at an angry old man in the same way again, before you may have ignored him and walked away, now you will feel the need to hug him and embrace him in a prayer.

I rate this film 9/10 

Below is a song from the soundtrack of this film. The music in the film was wonderfully done and chosen, it truly deserves to be called a soundtrack.


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‘We are the forgotten Demi-Gods’

We are the forgotten Demi-Gods
That have never been slain
We are the leafless branches
From the Tree of Gods
And incite the restless spirits from our yesteryears
For the nights were never so dark
Touch the tips of immortal weapons
Instead we lay with wolves
Caress the feet of your mother
To free our tarnished souls
And I walk through shallow waters
To remember God’s work…
I fall to my knees to kiss the wet stones
I look to the sky to find myself alone.

originally written September 11th, 2012 © Copyright Mani Amar

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